Do We Choose Crystals or Do Crystals Choose Us?


The question of whether we choose crystals or if crystals choose us is a topic that has been debated by crystal enthusiasts for years. Some believe that we are drawn to particular crystals based on our unique energy needs, while others argue that the crystals themselves have an innate ability to choose their owners. Regardless of which perspective one takes, there is no denying the powerful connection that can be formed between a person and their crystal. Exploring this connection can deepen our understanding of the role crystals play in our lives and enhance our appreciation for the natural world.

1/ The Human-Crystal Connection

Crystals are believed to be powerful tools for healing and spiritual growth because of their ability to hold and amplify energy. When we work with crystals, we tap into their unique energy signatures and align our own energy with theirs. This alignment creates a powerful resonance that can help us achieve greater balance and harmony in our lives.

2/ Choosing Crystals

When it comes to choosing crystals, there are a variety of factors to consider. Intention is key, as it helps to focus our energy and direct it towards our goals. Physical properties such as color, texture, and shape can also play a role in crystal selection, as can the crystal's overall energy and vibration.

Different methods for selecting crystals include intuitive selection, pendulum dowsing, and research. Intuitive selection involves letting your intuition guide you towards the crystal that resonates with your energy the most. Pendulum dowsing involves using a pendulum to determine which crystal is right for you based on its energy vibration. Research involves learning about the properties and uses of different crystals and choosing the ones that align with your goals and intentions.

3/ Crystals Choosing Us

Sometimes, we may feel drawn to a particular crystal without consciously choosing it. This can happen when a crystal's energy resonates with our own, creating a powerful connection that draws us to it. Signs that a crystal may be calling to you include physical sensations such as tingling or warmth, as well as synchronicities such as seeing the same crystal repeatedly in different places.

4/ The Role of Intuition

Using intuition is an important part of working with crystals. By tapping into our inner wisdom, we can connect with the energy of a crystal and receive guidance on how to use it. Techniques for accessing your intuition include meditation, visualization, and journaling.

5/ Balancing Choice and Intuition

Finding a balance between conscious choice and intuitive selection is important when working with crystals. While it's helpful to research and learn about different crystals, it's also important to trust our intuition and let it guide us towards the crystals that are right for us. Honoring both our logical mind and our intuition can help us achieve the best results when working with crystals.

Whether we choose crystals or if crystals choose us is a topic that is open to interpretation. However, by exploring the human-crystal connection, choosing crystals that align with our goals and intentions, and tapping into our intuition, we can deepen our understanding of the role crystals play in our lives. By using them with intention and respect, we can harness their powerful energy to achieve greater balance, harmony, and spiritual growth.


1/ So, do crystals choose you?

Yes, it's possible for crystals to choose us based on their unique energy vibrations.

2/ How do I know which crystal is right for me?

Factors to consider include intention, energy, physical properties, and personal resonance.

3/ How do I choose crystals for someone else?

It's helpful to consider their goals and intentions, as well as any physical or emotional challenges they may be facing.

4/ Can you give someone your crystal?

Yes, but it's important to cleanse and charge the crystal before giving it away to ensure that it's aligned with the new owner's energy.

5/ How do you ask your crystals to work with you?

Larimar is often used in jewelry and as a tool for healing practices such as reflexology and acupuncture

6/ How many crystals should you start off with?

It's recommended to start with a few key crystals that align with your intentions and build your collection over time.

7/ How do you charge crystals?

Charging can be done through sunlight, moonlight, or by placing them on a crystal cluster. You can also charge crystals by setting an intention or using other energy practices such as sound or Reiki.

8/ How do you activate a crystal?

You can activate a crystal by setting an intention and connecting with its energy through visualization or meditation.

9/ Do all crystals need to be charged?

Yes, all crystals benefit from being charged regularly to maintain their energy and vibrancy.

10/ How long do crystals last?

Crystals can last indefinitely as long as they are cared for properly and cleansed regularly.

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Do We Choose Crystals or Do Crystals Choose Us?

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